7 Reasons to Keep Pet Dog

7 Reasons to Keep Pet Dog in India:

With growing affluence in India, many families have either started to keep pets or are thinking so in near future. In this blog, we shall discuss the benefits of having pets around. 

Reason 1: Dogs Enhance Your Mood Naturally! 
Spending time with your favorite dog, even as little as 10 minutes, makes you feel calm, comfortable and relaxed. Evidences suggest that it reduces stress & anxiety and enhances the levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain, both of which are associated with pleasure and tranquility.  

Personally speaking, I love to spend time with my pup, playing hide and seek. My Pomeranian pup enjoys more when I try to catch him, and he runs like Usain Bolt showing his speed, agility and maneuvers. His waging tail and lots of kisses makes me feel like being on the top of the world! Am sure, you would too! 

Reason 2: Overall Better Health:
Recent studies have shown that pet owners have lower levels of bad cholesterol and are more likely to survive a heart attack. Also, dog owners have a much higher rate of recovery from being sick than non-dog owners.

Reasons for overall better health are not difficult to guess. Running for some-time with your pup, provides you the needed physical activity especially if you leading a sedentary life-style. Higher levels of dopamine, moments of love and joy with pup naturally improves health. 

Personally, looking at my pup, waiting at door for my return, makes my day. His sight, wagging tail and loves in his eyes for me, has the ability to turn my bad day into a pleasant one. 
It’s no wonder that the case studies reflect the same!  

Reason 3: Protects Children:
You must have heard stories of pet dogs saving new born babies from different threats like cat, monkey or even poisonous animals like snakes. They act as excellent baby watchers and raise an alarm if anything suspicious comes in their way. 

Additionally, children who grow up with pets, show lesser cases of allergies and skin related conditions. An additional benefit, isn’t it? 

Reason 4: Happier Lives:
It might come as a pleasant surprise to you, that clinically depressed person are suggested to have pets. The reasons are obvious – A person with pet is less likely to suffer from depression and anxiety as compared to their counterparts. 

The interaction with the pet and love received helps you remain positive. It’s no surprise, pets owner have better interaction with others and display more affection and love in real life. 

Reason 5: Kids are More Empathetic:
A 2017 study has concluded that – Pet attachment of any kind encourages compassion and positive attitudes towards animals, which promotes well being for both the child and the pet. 

Small babies love pups and play with each other. Over the period of time, babies develop special bonding for pups - the bonding of care, love, trust and affection. As babies grow, they develop feelings of care and empathy for pup, which reflects in their other interaction as well. 

No wonder, they display higher levels of compassion, empathy and care. 

Reason 6: Dogs are Excellent Watchdogs:
Dogs are man’s best friend and were earliest to be domesticated. One of the reasons includes they being excellent watchdogs. They help ward off several dangers including theft, robbery, wild animals entering into the house. 

Potential burglars are put off by merely seeing a barking or watching dog. They are excellent at flagging anything odd or suspicious! 

Reason 7: Others:
There are several other benefits of having pets which include - Dogs help enhance social interaction, they are known to detect cancerous cells in human body and thus with early identification can even save owner’s life. Dogs make live jovial and lively, there is never a dull moment. 

Pups are very playful, and are always willing to play with you. It’s all fun for both of you. 

There is a popular saying - A dog loves you, more than he loves himself. This itself is more than enough, to keep a dog. One who shall love you eternally and endlessly! 

May our pets live forever! 

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