Best Dog Nutrition Course

A Pet Parent’s Crash Course in Dog Nutrition:

For pet owners, the health of their pooch is prime consideration. They want to know about their pet’s nutritional requirements, best times of feed, dietary plans, what main nutrient their pet needs, glycemic index and how it is relevant to pet’s diet and much more …

This write-up shall clarify most of your doubts, and enable provide just amount of food and nutrients to your adorable pet.

Food Basics:
Dogs are carnivorous in appetite, and they – ranging from Pomeranian to German Shepherd – are almost similar in digestive physiology and eating habits.

They require ample fats and protein from natural sources. Their body anatomy and metabolism stands testimony to this fact – sharp teeth, extremely strong jaws, short intestines, high stomach acidity to digest fats and proteins etc. They have the natural ability to generate huge amount of energy from protein and fat, with ease.  

Here are some of the diet related tips, for kind perusal of pooch owners.

Healthy Food Tips:

  • Tip 1: Pooch voracious appetite for dietary products, carrot, snacks etc. sometimes makes the owners forget of their carnivorous needs. You should ensure that they get plenty of meat – chicken, eggs, chicken jellies etc too.
  • Tip 2: Dog owners may also consult a vet, to know their age specific nutritional requirements and eating habits. This will enable them provide better and timely food to them.
  • Tip 3: Giving adult dog feed to puppies and vice versa can create serious complications. So, make sure, you provide feed as per their age and requirement. If you don’t follow the right diet plan for your dog, they may also become overweight. So, it’s very important to give them food and snacks in the right quantity.
  • Tip 4: There are certain foods that your pooch, will just love to eat or drink. This is because, similar to humans, dogs too have taste buds in their tongue. However, the density of taste buds in their tongue is 1/6th of that of humans. It might come as a pleasant surprise to you, that they are able to detect sour, sweet, salty and bitter foods.
  • Tip 5: In general, dogs like food that emit strong odor. This is because, dog’s sense of smell is approximately 100,000 times better than humans. The odor helps your pooch decide the quality of food, and whether to eat or not. You must have noticed that dogs get the smell of chicken and other meat from faraway distance, as soon as you bring it inside your home. Similar, is the case with rotten eatables. Your pooch knows it well, with the help of odor, whether to devour it or not.
  • Tip 6: Foods like – well cooked chicken, yogurt, cheese, carrot etc – are considered good for their well being. In fact, chickens and dietary products like cheese help them meet most of their fat and protein requirements.
  • Tip 7: If possible, you should prepare the pooch food at home, as pre-cooked foods available in market, may contain preservatives, which may be harmful to their health in the longer run. However, in certain situations like diarrhea, you may consider giving packed food, till the situation improves.  
  • Tip 8: Take care to provide your pooch, clean water regularly to keep him hydrated and nourished. Dirty and infected water is a sure recipe for ailments. You may also consider giving filtered water, to ensure it’s safe for them.

Personally speaking, my adorable Pomeranian loves to eat chicken and cheese over other foodstuffs. His other favorite foods include sweets, jellies, carrot, makhana, dairy products like milk, curd, cheese etc.

Their dietary plan should meet their basic nutritional requirements of carbohydrate, fats, proteins etc. At the same time, they should be rich source of macro and micro nutrients, to ensure their all round body growth and development. A proper and balanced dietary plan shall go a long way in ensuring a happy, stress free and healthy pooch.


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