Bonding Your Child and Pet

Bonding Your Child and Pet:

We all know that every sibling respond differently, as younger sibling joins along. The emotions and reactions may range from immense feeling of joy to jealously, from love and affection to hatred. But what if, the elder/ younger sibling is of a different species altogether? Does it make a difference? Is the reaction is of different kind vis-à-vis the normal one? 

Studies suggest that dogs also face insecurities when the attention of parent shifts to another sibling or baby. Hence, it can be precious scenario where both may feel jealous of each other. However, right way of mentoring can easily replace it with feeling of compassion, love and care. 

Pet based studies in USA concluded that having pets in the house enhances overall empathy of child in the longer run. In other words, child with pets are more likely to exhibit higher degree of empathy as compared to their counterpart. Having pets can also instill tolerance in your pet. The blog delves into the ways to achieve both the fronts, the right way.       

1. Capitalize on times when child sleeps 
While the child is happily snoring, you can use the time to spend quality moments with your pets. It may be hectic, but nevertheless fruitful and pleasant. It not only release pleasure hormones in your pet, but also improves your overall health and well being. 

2. Trust your babies! 
Don’t rush off to protect either of your babies when they are in close vicinity to each other. Trust your skills that you have raised your elder child and pet well. Let them explore each other’s differences and accept them on their own. In all probability, they won’t need your help in a few years anyways!

3. Let Them be Each Other Amusement  
Both are each other’s best entertainment and most likely will soon bond together like anything. More so, because of the fact that - Your dog is as smart as a two-year old! Children around this age seem to have a special bond with the family dog. It could be because they speak the same language, roughly 250 words and gestures in fact. You can play fetch and mix things up. As kids will see you playing, they will soon partner in the fun too! Thus blissful interaction among the babies 

4. Give them a common nickname
Nicknames are the simplest way of bonding, which displays love and affection. You should give your babies a common nickname like “Honey”, “Baby”, “Love” when you address them. In this manner, both of them will be active and involved, and they would never know whom the clever momma is addressing! 

5. Sit back and enjoy the parenthood 
Think of your childhood, of all those days when you wished for a pet but never got one because “You were more than enough of naughty yourself!”. Cherish the adorable moments you are spending with both of your child and the satisfaction you get by seeing both the kids bond together with eternal feeling of love, care and affection.

Happy Parenting! 

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