Healthy Dog Tips to Follow

Healthy Dog Tips to Follow:

For dog owners, their pet is a family member. A member that brings smiles on their faces, lightens up the mood and makes the house a pleasant place to live in. And, for a responsible owner, their health and happiness is a paramount consideration. 

This write up shares useful tips on how to keep your pooch happy, stress free and healthy 

Tip 1: Keep the House Clean 
The shelter for your adorable dog should be spacious, clean and if possible, customized to meet their specific needs like mating. Similarly, the house they live in should always be kept clean. This is because a house with dust, garbage, mites etc., is a perfect recipe for ailments. 

The house should have high quality doormats at the door, to soak up all the dust. It prevents dust and dirt from entering into the house, and prevents allergies and other diseases. Also, remember to dust it off regularly. 

Finally, the toys, bedding, brush etc of your pooch should also be cleaned on regular basis.  

Tip 2: Right Food and Water
Dog owners must provide timely and nutritious food to their pet. They may also consult a vet, to know their age specific nutritional requirements and eating habits. 

There are certain foods that your pooch, will just love to eat or drink. This is because, similar to humans, dogs too have taste buds in their tongue. 

In general, dogs like food that emit strong odor. Foods like – well cooked chicken, yogurt, cheese, carrot etc – are considered good for their well being. If possible, you should prepare the pooch food at home, as pre-cooked foods available in market, may contain preservatives, which may be harmful to their health in the longer run. 

My adorable Pomeranian loves to eat chicken and cheese over other foodstuffs. His other favorite food includes sweets, jellies, dairy products like milk, curd, cheese etc. 

Tip 3: Optimal Body Weight
Optimal dietary habits, regular exercise and optimal body weight goes a long way in ensuring a playful, happy and healthy pooch. You must ensure that your dog gets the required nutritional requirements and at the same time doesn’t over eat or becomes over-weight. 

Similarly, regular exercise is crucial for well being of your pooch. Dogs are naturally physically active and a dog tired after exercise, is a happy dog. So, you should take out time, from your busy schedule, to spend them with your pooch – running, walking, playing games etc. In fact, regular daily exercise is essential for their proper food digestion. 

Games like hide and seek, making them run around, playing with balls or toys are some of the activities that your pooch loves and enjoys. 

Tip 4: Right Amount of Exercise
In the previous tip, we discussed about the exercises. But, you might be wondering that how much exercise is optimal for your pooch? The answer depends on various factors including dog’s breed, age, body weight and other factors peculiar to each dog. 

As a thumb rule, your pooch should spend at least 30 minutes of outdoor exercise, and for indoor exercises, the time spend exercising should be almost double.

Similarly, if your pooch is young, he needs relatively more exercise than a similar old age pooch. 

If you still confused, in deciding the optimum exercise levels, then look for signs for tiredness in your pooch after exercise. In general, when he gets tired, you should wind up the exercise session. 

Tip 5: Regular Vet Check-ups
Similar to humans, pets also require regular check-ups. You should take your dog to vet for overall check-up at least twice a year, and should keep the report card at some safe place. Regular check-ups prove handy when your dog is suffering from ailments, but not showing signs of problems. 

Regular check-up takes care of their seasonal requirements, as well as, problems like chronic pain or fever, parasitic infection, hair loss, pest infestation etc. 

Similar to humans, dog’s health suffers during seasonal change, with unhealthy diet, by living in messy environment. So, you should follow the above tips, to ensure that your pooch remains hale and hearty, and lives a happy and stress free life.  

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