How to Keep Pets Happy

How to Keep Pets Happy:

All human beings strive for happiness in life. The same stands true for our beloved pets. As responsible pet owners, it’s our duty to ensure that they live a happy, healthy and stress-free life. After all, they are like our family members!  

Here are some of the tips to keep them happy.

Give Your Pet Required Space:
Pets may appear small in size, but they need a lot of space. The recent studies show that, larger the space, happier they are. Unless given a sufficient amount of space they may feel confined, trapped, unable to jump, roll, stretch, squat, play etc. 

You must give them at least 10 x 10 sq ft space, and if possible allow them to roam across the whole house. Never, place them inside, pet cage or basket bed, which makes them feel suffocated and unwanted. 

Personally, my Pomeranian virtually lives in the entire house. He loves to play, stroll and move from one room to another. He has created several favorite places in different rooms, where he likes to spend most of the time. Playing hide and seek, games with balls and toys and catching games in the garden are some of his favorites.  

Pet-friendly Furniture:
Owners often complaint of constant scratching by pets, thereby doing damage to the furniture. There, you should purchase pet friendly furniture, keeping the habits of pets in mind. For example, scratch resistant furniture. 

Also, make sure that the presence of furniture doesn’t make the pet feel constrained. Rather, it should provide a spacious feel to the room. 

Show them Pet Videos:
Pets are intelligent creatures, and are capable of exhibiting complex emotions like joy, anxiety, love etc. They enjoy the sight of other pets, especially if from the same breed. You should show them movies or television that feature other pets. E.g., Tom and Jerry, 101 Dalatian, Cats & Dogs etc. 

Bring Another Pet:
Pets are social animals like human beings. Therefore, you should provide them the company of other pets, if possible mate. 

It provides them a friend, companion with whom they can play all day along. It also ensures the requisite physical activity and keeps them away from getting bored. 

Mental Stimulation:
Animals are known to pick up habits and repeating the habits make them feel happy. Hence, you should create a schedule for your adorable pets and stick religiously with it. This is useful in more than one ways. 

For example, it’s a form of training. Secondly, pet learn when to expect and when like timing of feed, when to go outside for walk, time of sleep etc. Making them accustomed to such a schedule is also mentally stimulating for pets. However, take care not to deviate from it, as it can create unnecessary anxiety in the pet. 

Give them Time:
You should spend as much time with them, as possible. While humans have deep desire for wealth and power, all our adorable pets want is to spend their time with us! 

Always remember that isolation hurts animals much more than humans. This is because, they don’t know how long the isolation shall last, creating anxiety in their lives. If isolation persists, they feel depressed and helpless. 

Pet Grooming:
You should groom your adorable pet every-day. It includes:

  • Brushing through its fur 
  • Carefully look for scratch marks, bumps, mites etc. 
  • Rubbing oil all over their body to keep skin and fur healthy

You may be surprised to know that “Cats spend approximately 30% of their waking hours grooming themselves”.

The tips and techniques, share in this write-up, shall go a long way in keeping your pet happy, healthy and stress free. 

Always remember, however maybe your day, your pet still loves you like anything! 

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