Quality Life for your Pooch

Quality Life for your Pooch:

For your pooch you are his world. You must ensure that your dog lives a quality life. Here are some of the tips to keep you pooch healthy and happy. 

Dog Shelter: Like humans, your pooch too needs a suitable place to live in. It can be a small corner in the house, dog kennel in the backyard or any other suitable place. Pets like Pomeranian may not need a specified place. Personally, my pooch loves to roam around the house, and finally sleeps on his bedding. Interestingly, he keeps on moving his bedding from one place to another, depending on the time and the situation! 

However, if your dog has a permanent shelter, then it should have all the necessary facilities like comfortable space to live and sleep, protection from odd weather, be close to source of food and water and if possible, be personalized to meet other special needs like mating. If you provide a customized bed to your pooch, make sure it’s dry and clean. 

Quality Food: You must give your pet quality food. A complete diet reduces the risk of ailments and keeps him active. Besides, a healthy dog is a happy dog. 

Don’t let him gain too much weight: Overweight dogs are more prone to diseases especially heart diseases. Extra weight is as detrimental to pooches as humans. 

Fresh water availability: You must make sure that quality fresh water is available for your pet all the time. You should keep his bowl full of water and replenish it timely. After all, water is life and is fundamental for healthy growth and development of your pooch. 

Train your dog: You should train your pooch good manners and activities. For example, no reckless and aggressive behavior, no jumping on people, slow brisk walk in the evening, not eating outdoor stale stuff and more. 

Your dog will lead pleasant and healthy life when he knows his boundaries and follows them well. Also, it will enrich your bonding with your pooch. It will also make the experience of people coming in contact with your dog pleasant. 

Exercise daily: Based on the dog age and breed you must ensure appropriate amount of exercise daily. A dog requires actual exercise and interaction from you. Exercise burns off energy and end result is a more relaxed pooch. 

Regular vaccinations: Being a responsible pet owner, you should make sure that he gets vaccinations on time. Also, you should have a dental check up on yearly basis. It helps your pooch to stay healthy and fit. 

Play with your dog:  For your pooch, you are his world, you are his everything. He doesn’t dream of money, jewels, car etc but to spend quality time with you! Whenever you get time you should play with your dog. It’s often said that a dog loves his master, more then he loves himself. For example, my Pomeranian favorite game is hide and seek, run and catch, hop like frog etc.

They feel loved and cared when you play with them, which improves their physical and mental health. It also provides them the necessary physical activity to remain fit and healthy. So, you must give your precious time to your adorable pooch too. Dogs like Pomeranian have lots of energy. Playing with them, makes them utilize the same energy for physical activity. A happy dog is a tired dog after all the playing. 

Give him space of own: You should give him a place that he can call his own. If you provide him an outdoor place, then it should be well bedded and protected from heat and rain. 

Talk to him: Your pooch will most likely not understand most of your words, but will understand your tone and body language. So, talk to him about anything you want to. It will enhance bonding between you and your pooch. 

Regular Check-Ups: Similar to humans, pets also require regular check-ups. You should take your dog to vet for overall check-up at least twice a year, and should keep the report card at some safe place. Regular check-ups prove handy when your dog is suffering from ailments, but not showing signs of problems. 

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