Tips to Keep Pooch Safe this Summer

Tips to Keep Pooch Safe this Summer:

Summers are round the corner. As responsible pet owners, we must anticipate and meet their up-coming needs. 

The write-up explains the tips - to keep dogs safe and secure, this summer. 

Cooling Requirements:
You might be surprised to know that - dogs only sweat from the bottoms of their feet, and the only way they can discharge heat is by panting. Consequently, in summers, with only hot air around pooch to breathe, it’s lot harder for them to cool themselves. It’s one of the biggest issues, which must be taken care of. 

Here, are list of other important tips. 

Tip 1: Access to Drinking Water: Though regular access to drinking water should be ensured all round the year, but it becomes critical in summers. Providing cool bowl of water, at regular intervals, can save your pooch from potential de-hydration. 

Tip 2: Protection from Infections: In summers, infections can assume graver proportions. Hence, you should protect your pooch from parasites like mosquitoes, ticks and fleas. Remember, Lyme disease is a common problem for pooches in summers? 

Tips 3: Avoid Hot Surface Walks: You must have seen or heard news of dog’s paws getting burnt, by moving on hot surfaces like concrete, road, glass, metal etc. Hence, care must be taken to ensure that they don’t walk on such hot surfaces. And arrangements be made, to keep their paws cool. 
Rather, walking and playing on grasses is a much viable option. 

Tip 4: Trapped in Car: Several deaths of pets are reported every year, due to negligence of owners. One of them being, leaving the pooches inside cars. This happens primarily due to intense warning of car, caused by natural phenomena called the “Green House effect”. 

In case, you must leave your pooch inside the car, then ensure sufficient arrangement. It includes, rolling down the window panes and placing a bowl of water near them.  

Tip 5: Prevent Sun-burns: Similar to humans, pooches too become victim of sun-burns. The solution is simple – avoid excessive or unnecessary exposure to sun. You may also consult a vet for an appropriate sun-screen for your dog. 

Have a safe summer !!!

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