What New Dog Owner Must Know?

What New Dog Owner Must Know?

Since you are reading this blog, most probably you have either added a new member to your family or are at least thinking so. In either case, this write up is a must for you. The blog explains the important things a first time dog owner must know about – feeding, grooming, exercises, vet visits, grooming, bathing etc.  

Tip 1: Make sure you handle your responsibility as new pet parent well
You must understand your responsibilities associated with owning a dog. It ensures not only healthy and cheerful dog but also makes your experience pleasant. You should consider these important questions before bringing home a new dog.

Why do you want a dog? Do you have the time to take care and meet his needs properly? Can you care properly for your dog? Will you make sure to feed, bath, exercise and groom his every-day? Can you handle poops and dog hairs on your cloth and in house? Are you willing to clean what dog sheds? Do you have time and means to follow all the rules, regulations, laws, by-laws of the land w.r.t pets? Will you be patient and not yell if dog activity costs you financially? Do you have time to find a quality veterinary clinic and pet health insurance plan to keep him healthy? Do you have adequate space in your house for your pooch to roam freely and live happily?

Tip 2: Research first
Don’t be in hurry while bringing in new dog. First, you should find out as much as possible about the dog from his current caretaker or breeder. You may like to know about his daily routine, his behavior with other people and pets, his breed and optimum living conditions, any special requirement etc. Similarly, if you have children or other pets, ask if he is kid and pet friendly. 

Tip 3: Ask your friends and friends for advice 
Your friends and family, who have experience of keeping dogs can be excellent source of genuine piece of advice. As dog owners, they can help you in finding a perfect breed to match for you and your family’s lifestyle. Similarly, their experience can help you better in grooming your pooch into a healthy and happy dog.  

Tip 4: Buy necessary pet products and accessories 
Before bringing in a new pooch into your house, you should have necessary supplies at your disposal. These items include – ID tag, collar, leash, dog food, safe toys, bedding, stainless steel food and water bowls, brush, bathing set etc. 

Tip 5: Spend quality time together with your pooch
The day you bring your new pooch, don’t schedule other activities. Take time off your work and spend quality time with your dog to make him comfortable. Allow him to sniff and investigate his new home at his own pace. Don’t overwhelm him and introduce slowly and gradually to other family members. 

You should spend as much time with them, as possible. While humans have deep desire for wealth and power, all our adorable pets want is to spend their time with us! Always remember that isolation hurts animals much more than humans. This is because, they don’t know how long the isolation shall last, creating anxiety in their lives. If isolation persists, they feel depressed and helpless. 

Tip 6: Play with your pooch at home
Your new dog without adequate play time will feel bored and suffocated. Therefore, make sure that family members spend considerable time with him to ensure adequate outdoor activities like walk, run, jump etc. 

Also you may arrange for a professional pet sitter to take your pooch for outdoor walks and activities. It will not only make him feel comfortable but also help him to socialize better with people and other dogs. 

Tip 7: Patience is the key 
Remember to stay patient with your new family member. It’s an entirely new surrounding for him therefore give him adequate time to adjust on his own. By staying calm and consistent in your actions and words, you can groom him well. Also, it will enable him to adjust in the new home with ease and comfort. 

Tip 8: Pet Grooming
You should groom your adorable pet every-day. It includes:

  • Brushing through its fur 
  • Carefully look for scratch marks, bumps, mites etc. 
  • Rubbing oil all over their body to keep skin and fur healthy

You may be surprised to know that “Cats spend approximately 30% of their waking hours grooming themselves”.

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