Ranks have been decided on the basis of likes on the pet’s photos for the particular month. In case of tie, the photo posted earlier shall prevail over the later.

The winner entries are requested to contact us via the mail, through which the photo was submitted. The prizes then will be disbursed as soon as possible.

Prizes to be given to pets are as follows:

Pet Rank Prize Amount
1 Rs 500
2 Rs 400
3 Rs 300
4 to 27 Rs 200 each

If the first prize winner garners 50K plus views, we will additionally pay Rs 4K.

Note: In case of fraudulent practices, for example, enhancing likes by bots, the website team reserves the right to slash the prize amount. In extreme cases, for unethical practices, no prize shall be disbursed.

Best wishes,

Team Flauntpet